The West Coast Scavenger Hunt is ON for Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Berkeley, and San Francisco!

Hello Interesting Person.

You’ve solved Clue 0, the entry clue for the West Coast Scavenger Hunt.

That’s incredible!

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If you’re here, you spied a tiny ad in your local weekly, or somewhere online.  Or maybe you snagged a button from our button campaign.

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Regardless, we’re happy to meet you.

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How the Hunt Works:

A series of 6 clues will lead you to a single secret cache hidden in your city…and ultimately to our Grand Prize:  The Official Semi-Golden Ticket of Indeterminate Value, hidden somewhere on the West Coast.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’ll reveal 6 clues for each of the 5 cities in which a cache is hidden.

You Won’t Have to do Any…

…digging, dismantling, advanced-level bushwhacking, fence clipping, barricade vaulting, trespassing, technical rock climbing, swordplay, or Brazilian juijitsu to find the caches.  You will not need to cross onto private property.

What’s the Hidden Treasure?

The in-town caches contain assorted monkeyshine, plus a small reward.

But you’re not finished.  There’s a super secret final cache.  It will require the use of your brain cells as well as your body muscles.  It invites you on an out-of-town escapade somewhere on the American West Coast.  The final cache contains several rewards, including our grand prize, The Official Semi-Golden Ticket of Indeterminate Value.

The Official Semi-Golden Ticket of Indeterminate Value has NOT been found.

So YOU can be the one who finds it.

Join the Hunt.

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